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Measure you Sales Maturity Index.

Find out how you measure against industry Sales Best Practices and assess where you stand

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Measure your current performance against 4 pillars
  • Sales Strategy and Culture
  • Customer management
  • Sales Operations and Process
  • Talent Management

Establish your action plan based along the four pillars and the elements where you need to improve to have the maximum impact.


Create initiatives and clear objectives in relation to the elements that will provide the best return for your efforts/p>

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L’indice de Maturité couvre les axes et dimensions:

Stratégie et votre culture
  1. Énoncé/communication de la stratégie de commercialisation
  2. Culture de vente
  3. Alignement interne
  4. Gestion du changement
  5. Stratégie de communication
  6. Message de vente
  7. Matériel promotionnel (brochures et autres)
  8. Site Web (stade 1-5: information, call to action, focus inbound, eCommerce, self-service)
Gestion client
  1. Couverture/Segmentation
  2. Stratégie de communication et Message de vente
  3. Gestion des comptes clés
  4. Planification de comptes
  5. Gouvernance de comptes
  6. Feedback Client
Opérations ventes
  1. Processus de Vente
  2. Objectifs de ventes
  3. CRM
  4. Gestion entonnoir (Pipeline Management)
  5. Mesures/KPI
  6. Reconnaissance et Incitatifs
Gestion de talents
  1. Compétences de vente
  2. Onboarding/Formation
  3. Gestion performance/Gestion équipe (leadership)
  4. Coaching
  5. Recrutement

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Entreprises qui nous font confiance
André Lavigne

With more than 30 years of experience in sales, strategic alliances and channels, sales management.

As principal consultant and coach, to assist in developing sales strategy, execute sales plans, become effective managers and to season business executives as well as to young professionals or entrepreneurs seeking personal and career growth.

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